Munch Munch Monarchs


The monarch butterfly caterpillars are eating some milkweed that was cut and placed into a butterfly house. I got to see some live ones already trying to fly out of the house. I saw a few dead ones too, their wings fallen to the ground.

I have been so busy at home, trying to clean up my garden. I have been trying to clean up my house. I have been trying to list as much as I can on Ebay to get the stuff out of my house. I am not getting rich from sales. I wonder all the time if I should just give up trying to sell stuff completely.

Very recently I have started to converse by texting and emailing a man I met through facebook. We also skyped once. He has had a stroke too. This is a different guy than the one I was messaging before. So far there is nothing to creep me out. He gets my humor, which is a huge plus.