The Universe Provides


I asked and I received the best cat, the best grandkids, and soon I will meet my love.

I have done something different, because doing the same thing over and over without getting the intended results is futile. I have met someone online from a facebook group and will meet him in person next weekend. Don’t bother with your warnings that I will meet a fate such as death or worse. I have already met worse it is called my life since the stroke. Even if I am killed in a plane crash on the way there, or by getting tied up and tortured I will be happy that I did something positive for a change. I finally am starting to let go of my fears so I can have a happy life.

We need to take small chances, work on miracles, and go for our dreams. Sitting alone day after day is not a life. Make your miracle happen for you today. Feel free to enjoy mine as well, yet I won’t be sharing every detail. I can not change everything about me at once.