I Am Still Here


I flew by myself, for the first time ever. Not a big deal, except worrying about my stroke brain….and plane crashes. I am afraid of heights, deathly afraid of flying. I have anxiety of new things in general. I was afraid of being caught up in the security line. I was sort of, but they quickly had me step aside to swab my palms once I told them I could not hold my arm up. It helped I started from a small airport, and had a non-stop flight.

I am very tired. Since coming home I have not had uninterrupted sleep. I have had to drive my son to school from him missing the bus. My dog has been sick and I had to let her out several times. I was all snug and ready to fall asleep tonight, but I forgot to take my meds. I had to come out to get water.

Tomorrow I hope will be my day to catch up and get things done.