What Can I Do?


I am overload of deciding what to do with the tons of crapola I have brought into my house to sell. To be fair to myself, not all of it was to sell. I am trying to downsize, so I can clean easier. I feel like a need a van to haul all this stuff to goodwill. I had the nerve to list a yard sale for yesterday. I then got a reality check in the morning of how much work it is for little profit. So yesterday and today I am trying to put stuff up on craigslist and ebay. Craigslist out in this rural area is very slow. I usually only put things on there that are very hard to ship. Yesterday, I gave away for free my houseplants. That is one less thing I have to worry about taking care of. My son’s doctor also said they could be a source of allergies. So between my son and dog and the houseplants, I got rid of the plants. I also got rid of a rusty old hammock stand. I only used it a few times. Mostly because my yard to relax is on a busyish corner with no fence for privacy.

If the mood hits me, I will fill up my car with a load for goodwill. I actually have one garbage bag of stuff that is going regardless.