Random Things On My Camera


I dropped my camera, yet again, really hard. So hard it came apart. I asked my son to help me put it back together. Miraculously, it still works, even though parts are still sticking out. I guess this pic of his hand was taken while he was fixing it.

My iphoto slows my computer down. I try to delete my ebay pics as soon as I list the items. I have been trying to get my other pics in google plus. I still need a hard back up. My son might have enough saved by the end of the year to get his own computer. I hope to put the theory of his online gaming is slowing my computer down to the test. Meanwhile, I keep plugging along.

I am having a hard month, with one untimely Ebay return. The end of the month is always hard for me. Yesterday, I paid for gas with a Sacajawea coin, and half dollars. Today I will pay for ebay shipping with dimes and quarters. I hope it all resolves itself soon.