Summer Is Over, With A Slap To The Face


I had my son put away the lawn rake and bring out the snow shovels. I have two of my outdoor chairs inside the shed already with the other two soon to follow. My heat has been on for days if not weeks. I looked at this picture and noticed the changing colors in the background. I did not notice while I was there. I guess I was more focused on taking my dog for a walk, and walking myself. I tried to avoid the fallen acorns.

Notice who is in the driver seat. People really like to see her there. It is a conversation starter. She is so comical, and really bummed I did not let her out with me here. I did walk her on the other side of the park, where no other dogs were around. There were none around here either, but lots of squirrels. There was also several campers so the potential of a dog in one was too much for me to handle. She is too strong for me to walk casually with. She pulls me off balance too many times in excitement going from my front door to the car.

Today I was mellow. I stayed home all day. I will be fixing my ATM card situation tomorrow. I continued listing items on Ebay, and hope to break my record without any returns this month.