I Joined Planet Fitness


I don’t expect to look like Marilyn anytime soon. I do hope I get to work out my paralyzed side on some machines. I also will have somewhere to go when it is dark and rainy. I had hoped to get there today, but I spent too long looking for a lost item I had sold. It was driving me nuts, but I finally found it. I still have not found my lost ATM card. Tomorrow I hope to get my tire fixed then go to trivia night.

I have been very tired the last few days. I hope to catch up on sleep soon. I am trying to focus all my energy on making more money this month. I have planned many things with the money I did not make yet.

Inside My Mind


My thoughts are always racing around. Pinging from one corner to another, getting caught up in the nooks and crannies of my brain. Some thoughts keep moving, some I try to recall. The new thoughts from things I just read…they make so much sense I say aha, this is what I need or how I should live. Those thoughts vanish, or drown in my old thoughts. The heavy thoughts and dark thoughts always find their way back. I must keep myself busy and stop having these imaginary conversations in my head. I listen to music, it helps. It gives the thoughts some rhythm and now I want to dance. I want to learn how to dance better, I want to belly dance. I want both sides to flow freely. I want to be part of a flash mob. It will make a statement, yet I won’t be singled out, I will blend in. Everybody dance.

I hear the music. The words are so sweet. So sweet to have lived that way if only for a moment.