Thirsty Thursday


I am drinking water today. My throat feels a little achy so will be switching to OJ shortly…..NO CAFFEINE Today! I had a mountain dew at trivia night and an iced tea earlier in the day. I was awake all night. I found the house of my dreams around 3 AM. It only costs, 1.9 million. I am trying to brainstorm ways to come up with the remaining 1.89 million I need to pay cash for it. I will also need residual income to pay for the taxes, but I have plans to rent one of the rooms out and one of the garage spaces. The lake pictured is the same lake but it is on a different shore a couple or more miles away. It will be my spring through fall residence. I will still need to be a snowbird despite the 4 fireplaces.

I am not joking about this. I want to put all my energy into making that place mine. It has marble and granite flooring, over 100 windows, and its own peninsula boat slip.

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