A Good Report


It looks good at first, it says I am doing great! On closer inspection, I am being compared to 1,200 sq ft homes, mine is only 680 sq ft. I don’t care, this is my first piece of mail from the power company that was not a bill. I am taking it as a positive. I am using 63% less electricity than others, so that is really truly positive. We leave lights on all night, the computer is always on. My broken drier, so I hang clothes to dry is probably the biggest savings. I don’t have air conditioning, I don’t need it here (yet).

Anyway, I have been trying to look for anything positive lately. This cold, sinus, flu don’t know what sickness I have is dragging me down. I think it is because I notice my stroke deficits more. I have too much weird sensations in my head as it is, I don’t need an achy spine and balloon head feeling too. I am still determined to go to the auction tonight. I don’t want to miss any good deals. I need a wow find to boost my sales. My sales this week have slowed down too much.