Post #737! Changing to Feeling Positive Vibrations Only


I started reading a book that I downloaded awhile back onto my kindle. It is going to let me know how to get in sync with the Universe to have positive vibrations instead of negative. I really need this right at the moment. My negative vibrations are so hard to shake lately. I felt so good knowing that I was finally going to have the answer to what I have always wondered, “Why Not Me?”. So good in fact I stopped reading it to go get some chores done…lol. I hope to finish it next time I am taking a break.

My vitamins have really helped knock the sickness out of me. My lungs do not hurt anymore. I hope to wake up earlyish to take my car to get some of the tires fixed. The tires are the only nightmare of my car, except for it needing to be detailed all the time. I hope this is the last time I need to take it back. The waiting room is so boring there and it smells like tires. I hope to remember to bring my kindle so I can finish reading about being positively in sync.