Breaking Harmful Habits


This blue picture I took looking down from my balcony on my cruise. I believe it was at the first stop in Cozumel, Mexico

I read more of the book, The Human Vibration, by Shridhar Rajhsegar, MBA. According to my kindle I am only 20% in. It is hard to read, he must of wrote it in a different language and just automatically ran it through a translation program. I am grasping the concept. I have been working hard trying to get myself in sync with the Universe. I have 52 years of bad habits to learn to let go of. I am trying to wake up to self affirmations. I am trying to avoid what I think are my positive energy sucks. Facebook, mostly the Stroke Support Group and My Animal Advocacy group are full of too much negative. The radio station seems to be playing too many sad songs. Meghan Trainor is killing me with “Like I Am Going To Lose You”. We are never promised tomorrow. Mostly because the truth hurts me. I feel everyones pain on top of my own.

I need to focus on what I want and work towards it. I think they used to call this concept “goals”. I never learned how to focus, how to stay positive, or how to let things roll off of me instead of eating me up. It does not matter how much time I have lived clueless in the past. I am made of the same stuff that everyone and everything else that I admire is made out of. I can be as great as I want, I can earn what I want, the way that I want as soon as I am in sync. I just need to stay focused and productive. I finally went to work out at Planet Fitness yesterday. My arms are sore today, but just enough to show me that I got weeker. I am going back tomorrow. I might ask the trainer to spot me doing a cartwheel, because I have had the urge to do one in my own yard to see if I can. I used to do walkovers, front and back. I can not remember the last time I tried to even do a cartwheel though.