Depressing Halloween Poem

Another Holiday, I sit here alone. A Goddess of goodness wasting on her throne.
Another day, week, month, year or two, another lifetime without any of you.
I try to understand why you don’t want to share my laughter, I won’t beg or plead, I just want to be what you are after.
I try to get away from curling up in a ball, but I can’t seem to get past crying while staring at the wall.
My heart has exploded by a nuclear bomb, I tried picking up the pieces wondering if all of this a waste of my time.
I get through each day with fantasy and hope, my heart might mend, that would be dope.
The reality is I am constantly forgotten, neglected, rejected, the thoughts of myself all lead to rotten.
We could be celebrating together at a party, you dressed as Thor and me as Isis. The good times we had stopped all of a sudden, I want to share in your trouble and help with the crisis.
I don’t hear a word, not even a peep, no inquiry, concern of how that I keep….I have a million unanswered questions and I’ll never know why, why I can’t keep the interest of a guy.
I am not perfect, but I think I am lovable, still I remain broken spirited and untouchable.