Thankful and or Gratitude Journal Everyday In November


I am always thankful for elephants, both real or images. I had my ebay items set up to donate a percentage to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I still have a few sales that go towards that. I did stop listing them that way, because it slowed my computer down, listing from the long form instead of quick and easy. I figured if I was successful in sales I could just donate on my own. If after I update my computer it becomes easy enough to go back to auto donations I will. It makes me feel good just to promote and make people aware of their elecams.

I will name November 1st, that I missed, thankful for internet. I grew up without internet or computers, only because they were not invented yet…lol. Anything is possible to learn if you do a little research. I have learned a few baking recipes, helpful living with stroke tips, jokes that I can forget until I read them again, easier shopping, and so much more.

November second day, I am grateful for Grandchildren. I have my Lu, who soon will be two. I have my second one only a month away. I can’t wait to meet her. I can’t help but smile when I see Lu in person, on skype, video sent by her dad, etc. It will be twice the fun very soon. Laying in the hospital bed right after my stroke, that was the first thing that struck me. I said out loud, “I won’t be able to hold and play with my grandchildren”. I did not even have any grandchildren at the time. It has taken me awhile to progress, but once potty training is complete, I should be able to care for my own grandchildren for a day or so on my own. (enjoy the long run on sentence)

4 thoughts on “Thankful and or Gratitude Journal Everyday In November

  1. Not being able to hold or care for my grandchildren (whom I don’t have yet either) is one of the things I’ve worried about since having a stroke. A great niece visited recently (8 months old) and I would hold her only sitting on the couch with her mother hovering next to me. 8 months is kinda wiggly, so maybe I’d do ok when they’re younger. Congrats on your second one coming.

  2. After my stroke I was surprised to learn that I lose my will to live if I cannot feel the sun on my face. After being kept inside for 4 months I discovered I can feel the pressure of the sunlight on my face. One good thing about a stroke is that it taught me to pay attention to the things that make me happy.

    • Rebecca, that’s lovely – the sunlight having weight. I stayed in a rehab facility only one month, and at every chance I got (willing friend and sunny weather) I insisted my visitors roll me outside so that we would sit and chat in the sun, on the Charles River instead of in my room or the common “sunroom.”

  3. Thanks for sharing your “sunny side of life” ladies. Lets all pay attention to things that make us happy, having you share what you are grateful for makes me happy. I used to have my visitors wheel me outside while in rehab too. I then used to sit on my mothers back porch for sun therapy, when I first moved in with her post stroke.

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