Attitude For Gratitude


Ok, I stole the saying from facebook. I saw it after I already wrote my post yesterday. I am so very thankful for PAYDAY. Not the candy bar, that ranks far lower. I am talking about my once a month social security disability payment. I hate being unemployed, not having a daily routine, not working, not socializing. This is about being thankful for what I have, not what I don’t. I am truly happy for how busy I will be the next day or two paying some bills. I am happy to not worry for a few days as I take multiple trips to replenish everything that I have run out of. I make lists, and get too tired to stop at every store. I fill up my car with gas. I anticipate the next meetup group meeting without worrying about if I will have to pay for my drink with all quarters.

Today is payday and I have a million things to do. First I need to take my meds and give my dog hers. Then a “quick” shower, feed the animals, gather my wits and hope I have enough gas to make it to fill up to shop some more.