Day 5 I Am Thankful For My Parents


This pic was just over a year after my stroke. I am the gawky one sitting down. My sister and my mom, both were a great help during my early recovery. I cringe when I see how crooked I look. My hair was pixie short because I wanted to not have one more thing I had to worry about taking care of with one hand.

I believe everyone should be thankful for their parents. I was fortunate to have parents that stayed together. My dad passed in 2006. He left many impressions and good memories I will have forever. My mother is still with us, and for over a year was my caretaker after stroke. I was very moody, angry, PBA to the max (Pseudobulbar affect for those that don’t know, you can research it). My mom, who considers herself elderly, survived my criticizing her driving, my mood swings, my freaking out and more as she has all my life.

I am grateful I have never had to wish for different parents or circumstances while growing up. My parents were always there for me.