Day 8, I Am Thankful For My Children


These two happy campers are mine. I have one more that was not with us on this trip.

My daughter is probably the only person on this planet that understands me. Since I don’t have any very close friends, she is the closest thing I have to a confidant. She helps me with financial decisions, organization, and important reminders. That might seem like a lot of responsibility to put on her, but she thrives on chaos. She needs my diversion at times. I can take care of myself independently, and fix my mistakes as I go. It is nice not to make as many as I could though.

My oldest son, not pictured, is very busy this year. He has a new zip code, new wife, new job, and baby due in less than one month. He is a very truthful guy, which I admire, even if it does not serve him well. He also has the drive to take care of himself physically, which the rest of my family is not the best at.

My youngest son, as you can see, needs a little extra love and attention. He is the stereotypical moody teenager. Being that he is a guy, I have no idea how his mind works. At this phase in his life, I annoy him constantly.

I think they are the best. They are certainly my greatest accomplishment. I might not be the perfect mother, but they are perfect. I am grateful for them everyday.