Day 9 Attitude Of Gratitude Journal


Today I am thankful for collectors. If it was not for the people that value the material objects I sell online, I would not have as much fun. The money I make from selling my vintage wares is what funds my nights out, my extra tank of gas, my fast food for my son so I have a few extra minutes to rest or get ready.

I am also learning by researching the random stuff I buy in box lots, or that I buy because it catches my eye and seems like I can multiply my investment 10 times. I sometimes take an hour or two on google reading specific websites I would otherwise not go to. I also learn the lesson of to never buy that type of item again, like the time I bought a super heavy typewriter I could barely carry, much less pack to ship with one hand. I have also sworn off glass, although I have still picked up a mug or small ashtray, gambling with my 10 cents.

Indirectly, because of the collectors, I am learning to push myself. I get out to the post office more often. I take quick trips for more packing tape. These types of things cut into my small profit, but without doing them I would be sitting on the uncomfortable couch all the time. I am also learning to let go of “items”, just because I have had them for years or thought I liked acquiring pretty things. I no longer wish to clutter my life with excess. I am on the long slow road to simplify. It helps my brain sort itself out.