Days 12 AND 13 Of Being Thankful, Gratitude Month, Attitude Always


I am not sure what happened yesterday, I am sure I must have been distracted from posting my gratitude. To confess, I am making these up on the fly. Other than in general of being thankful for life, more so post stroke, I don’t really think of what I am going to write about. I guess that is what this whole movement is about, making everyone ponder and reach deep down to find gratitude and be thankful. The one or two facebook peeps doing this are religious (Christian), I do not follow a religion at this point in my reflective life. (I have not for decades) Another wordpress blog is doing this daily gratitude thing, and if you want to look at her take on this as well, look at:

Day 12 I was thankful for downtime in my warm house. I opened the door only to let the dog out. It was windy, really windy and I was really into just being comfortable watching youtube videos most of the day. I also watched Ellen on TV, because my kindle ran out of charge. I made bacon for my son, and I ate two pieces as well. It was turkey bacon, because I choose not to eat pork. It happened to say less sodium on the package, so I ate it without looking at what amount of sodium. (I am on a low sodium diet) I also made some awesome pepper, onion, and egg tortillas (tacos, burritos, whatever) We had breakfast for dinner, because I hate eating a lot in the morning. It seems like everyday is downtime day for me, but yesterday was even lazier.

Day 13, today, I am thankful for my ability to dream. In my sleep and daydream, both give me hope that there is a solution to what is puzzling me. I have had ordinary dreams lately and they escape me soon after waking up. They still have left me with a good feeling, unlike nightmares, I want to go to sleep so I can dream more.  I hope today my daydream that my house is clean comes true. I hope to get rid of bags of stuff to goodwill today. I plan on washing blankets and towels then taking them to the laundrymat to dry. I am actually skipping the auction this week, because I have too much stuff. I actually want to part with everything and clear lots of space out.