Days 14 and 15 November Thankful Days


Day 14, I am thankful for Hard Cider becoming a more popular drink. It has slightly less alcohol than wine, and to me it tastes much yummier. I noticed in the grocery store more varieties and brands of hard ciders and other sweet but hard bottled drinks. For example hard root beer, and some candy flavored drink I can not remember the name right now. The reason I am thankful, I can now order a drink in a bottle at most any bar. To someone that does not walk the most gracefully post stroke like me, these little things make a huge difference in my comfort level going out. It also takes off the edge without me getting shit faced drunk. Post stroke I can not drink too much both because of all the meds I am on plus the heartburn it gives me.

Day 15 which is today, I am thankful for sunny good weather days. I appreciate them, all the more, following a day like yesterday when it was trying to snow, ice pellets falling, wind, rain and all the grey miserable skies. I have several branches to clear from my yard, I also have some pictures to take which works best on sunny days. I also liked the clear weather driving home in the dark. I went along the lake and had some pretty views. I also did not see any deer near the road, which to me is good while driving. I did not take my camera. I even forgot my phone so I did not get any good pics while there was plenty of opportunity.