Day 16 I Am Thankful For Other Bloggers

I started reading blogs less than 5 years ago. I believe it was because I was super isolated and bored post stroke. I was seeking out other stroke survivors, long before I knew there were stroke support groups on facebook. (I have been on facebook groups since I joined fb in 2006) I was reading today ¬†another stroke survivor blog that was one of the first I have read, there were thinking of stopping posts. I decided that I am truly thankful for the opportunity to read everyone’s blogs besides my own. I hope everyone keeps making posts when they can.

I also read quite a few non-stroke blogs, because who wants to live 24/7 in a stroke saturated world? I am just naturally curious and like to look up different subjects from time to time. One blog I found actually had advertised on craigslist! She is not stroke related but only lives an hour or so away from my area.  I also sub to some photography and other artsy types and or homesteading types. Each one is unique, and I like to read diversely.IMG_5684