Days 19 and 20 Grateful Journal


Yesterday I was thankful like everyday just to be alive. I did a few household chores and picked up a pizza for dinner. The pizza was my peace offering to my son for helping me with the garbage. I make it his job to put the bags in the car and take them out and through them in the dumpster at the transfer station. They are far too heavy for me. I would be able to do this without him, because I have in the past. My garbage is much heavier now with kitty litter. I might experiment next year with kitty litter flower garden.

It was the start of another ebay promo yesterday, so I spent awhile relisting almost 200 of my unsold items. I am seriously thinking about just getting rid of my postcards in one big lot. They take too long to sell individually in general. I will still sell them, but only list them once and if they don’t sell quick they will go into the big lot of postcards. I might do the same with buttons and all my smalls that are not selling after two or three listings. I am going to group them all together into estate junk drawer lots. I have way too much junk in my super small house.

Today I am thankful for another sunny day. It is very cool outside, but I don’t care. My heat inside my house is turned up to 72 degrees for my old dog to be comfy. I just love how the sun gives me extra energy and lifts my spirits. I am going to try to move some of the leaves away from my house later and try to get them to stay in my garden area.