Day 29 Tomorrow Is The Last Day


I really think I have the attention span of a two year old, if only I had the energy of one too.

Today I am thankful there are only today and tomorrow to name things I am thankful for. I am truly thankful each day for the gift of a new day. It is like a homework assignment trying to pinpoint something different each day. I have been playing online poker, but I am not stuck on it for hours like I was a year ago. It is nice to know I have go to things for my boredom. I am laying low until next payday. I am glad there are only 4 days in between now and then. I really would like to get out to more meetups.

It is cool seeing everyone putting up there Christmas trees on facebook. Mine is still stuck in the bin, I feel no urge to put it up yet. I have a bunch of Ebay stuff piled in the way. My tree is only like 2 foot tall…lol…and I still do not have enough free space for it. I have a kitty this year. I hope she does not knock it over. She keeps taking my router out, then runs because it falling scares her.

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