Last But Not Least, Thankful For Pets


Ash chilling like a villain on Thanksgiving Day. She is allergic to turkey, and millions of other foods and environmental things. I gave her a roasted carrot for a treat. She was pretty good, not begging too much. She had a twin sized mattress, sheets, toy, and comforter to snooze with. She also had lots of attention from a two year old, whether she wanted it or not.

This last day of Attitude for Gratitude, or Thankful November, I am thankful for my pets attention, warmth, reason to get up in the morning (and middle of the night), therapy, warmness, entertainment and laughs. I adopted a female black fluffy cat this year. She is a hunter, so I appreciate not seeing any signs of mice yet this year. If it was not so expensive for the vet bills, I would recommend everyone get a pet or two. If you can afford it, adopt don’t shop. There are too many unwanted beautiful souls in shelters, living on the streets and in the wilds.

I hope everyone can find something to be grateful for. Next month, I am going to try to do daily positive affirmations!