Day 16 I Am Thankful For Other Bloggers

I started reading blogs less than 5 years ago. I believe it was because I was super isolated and bored post stroke. I was seeking out other stroke survivors, long before I knew there were stroke support groups on facebook. (I have been on facebook groups since I joined fb in 2006) I was reading today  another stroke survivor blog that was one of the first I have read, there were thinking of stopping posts. I decided that I am truly thankful for the opportunity to read everyone’s blogs besides my own. I hope everyone keeps making posts when they can.

I also read quite a few non-stroke blogs, because who wants to live 24/7 in a stroke saturated world? I am just naturally curious and like to look up different subjects from time to time. One blog I found actually had advertised on craigslist! She is not stroke related but only lives an hour or so away from my area.  I also sub to some photography and other artsy types and or homesteading types. Each one is unique, and I like to read diversely.IMG_5684

Days 14 and 15 November Thankful Days


Day 14, I am thankful for Hard Cider becoming a more popular drink. It has slightly less alcohol than wine, and to me it tastes much yummier. I noticed in the grocery store more varieties and brands of hard ciders and other sweet but hard bottled drinks. For example hard root beer, and some candy flavored drink I can not remember the name right now. The reason I am thankful, I can now order a drink in a bottle at most any bar. To someone that does not walk the most gracefully post stroke like me, these little things make a huge difference in my comfort level going out. It also takes off the edge without me getting shit faced drunk. Post stroke I can not drink too much both because of all the meds I am on plus the heartburn it gives me.

Day 15 which is today, I am thankful for sunny good weather days. I appreciate them, all the more, following a day like yesterday when it was trying to snow, ice pellets falling, wind, rain and all the grey miserable skies. I have several branches to clear from my yard, I also have some pictures to take which works best on sunny days. I also liked the clear weather driving home in the dark. I went along the lake and had some pretty views. I also did not see any deer near the road, which to me is good while driving. I did not take my camera. I even forgot my phone so I did not get any good pics while there was plenty of opportunity.

Days 12 AND 13 Of Being Thankful, Gratitude Month, Attitude Always


I am not sure what happened yesterday, I am sure I must have been distracted from posting my gratitude. To confess, I am making these up on the fly. Other than in general of being thankful for life, more so post stroke, I don’t really think of what I am going to write about. I guess that is what this whole movement is about, making everyone ponder and reach deep down to find gratitude and be thankful. The one or two facebook peeps doing this are religious (Christian), I do not follow a religion at this point in my reflective life. (I have not for decades) Another wordpress blog is doing this daily gratitude thing, and if you want to look at her take on this as well, look at:

Day 12 I was thankful for downtime in my warm house. I opened the door only to let the dog out. It was windy, really windy and I was really into just being comfortable watching youtube videos most of the day. I also watched Ellen on TV, because my kindle ran out of charge. I made bacon for my son, and I ate two pieces as well. It was turkey bacon, because I choose not to eat pork. It happened to say less sodium on the package, so I ate it without looking at what amount of sodium. (I am on a low sodium diet) I also made some awesome pepper, onion, and egg tortillas (tacos, burritos, whatever) We had breakfast for dinner, because I hate eating a lot in the morning. It seems like everyday is downtime day for me, but yesterday was even lazier.

Day 13, today, I am thankful for my ability to dream. In my sleep and daydream, both give me hope that there is a solution to what is puzzling me. I have had ordinary dreams lately and they escape me soon after waking up. They still have left me with a good feeling, unlike nightmares, I want to go to sleep so I can dream more.  I hope today my daydream that my house is clean comes true. I hope to get rid of bags of stuff to goodwill today. I plan on washing blankets and towels then taking them to the laundrymat to dry. I am actually skipping the auction this week, because I have too much stuff. I actually want to part with everything and clear lots of space out.

Day 11 of Gratitude, Thankful For All Veterans


I am not for any type of war. I think it is wrong that this country was built on the blood of the Native Americans that were here before us. I don’t think we should impose our beliefs on others by force, either as an individual, group, or country. I am very grateful for those veterans who have defended the United States of America. I love living in the land of free speech and freedom of religion.

A true way of honoring our vets is to live freely. Enjoy each day that you are free. I love waking up each day with a new opportunity to work towards my long term goals.

Day 10 One Third Accomplished Expressing My Gratitude In November


Today I am Thankful to be part of this Universe. I am still working on getting in sync with the positive vibes. This universe is full of amazing patterns, lights, and energy. We are all made from the same elements. We are all capable of great things. Humans only use a small portion of our huge brains. I think this truly helps us survive after a stroke. We need to tap the resources of our unused brain cells.

Sneaking in a short quote, “You are the Universe, expressing itself as human for a little while.” -Eckhart Tolle

I am going to put my email address here, in case anyone wants to email me privately. you will have to copy and paste it into your email, I am not feeling smart enough to make a link. If you don’t hear back from me in a couple days, just put a comment here that you sent one. I never check my spam folder.

Day 9 Attitude Of Gratitude Journal


Today I am thankful for collectors. If it was not for the people that value the material objects I sell online, I would not have as much fun. The money I make from selling my vintage wares is what funds my nights out, my extra tank of gas, my fast food for my son so I have a few extra minutes to rest or get ready.

I am also learning by researching the random stuff I buy in box lots, or that I buy because it catches my eye and seems like I can multiply my investment 10 times. I sometimes take an hour or two on google reading specific websites I would otherwise not go to. I also learn the lesson of to never buy that type of item again, like the time I bought a super heavy typewriter I could barely carry, much less pack to ship with one hand. I have also sworn off glass, although I have still picked up a mug or small ashtray, gambling with my 10 cents.

Indirectly, because of the collectors, I am learning to push myself. I get out to the post office more often. I take quick trips for more packing tape. These types of things cut into my small profit, but without doing them I would be sitting on the uncomfortable couch all the time. I am also learning to let go of “items”, just because I have had them for years or thought I liked acquiring pretty things. I no longer wish to clutter my life with excess. I am on the long slow road to simplify. It helps my brain sort itself out.

Day 8, I Am Thankful For My Children


These two happy campers are mine. I have one more that was not with us on this trip.

My daughter is probably the only person on this planet that understands me. Since I don’t have any very close friends, she is the closest thing I have to a confidant. She helps me with financial decisions, organization, and important reminders. That might seem like a lot of responsibility to put on her, but she thrives on chaos. She needs my diversion at times. I can take care of myself independently, and fix my mistakes as I go. It is nice not to make as many as I could though.

My oldest son, not pictured, is very busy this year. He has a new zip code, new wife, new job, and baby due in less than one month. He is a very truthful guy, which I admire, even if it does not serve him well. He also has the drive to take care of himself physically, which the rest of my family is not the best at.

My youngest son, as you can see, needs a little extra love and attention. He is the stereotypical moody teenager. Being that he is a guy, I have no idea how his mind works. At this phase in his life, I annoy him constantly.

I think they are the best. They are certainly my greatest accomplishment. I might not be the perfect mother, but they are perfect. I am grateful for them everyday.

Day 7 I Am Thankful, Gratitude Journal


I am grateful to be forever learning. I truly learn something new everyday. Sometimes it is about myself. Sometimes it is random facts at trivia night. Occasionally it is a life lesson.

I like to read. I can not read as much as I used to pre-stroke. I have improved my reading time from not finishing a page without crying, to reading a book in a couple of days. Pre-stroke, I could read a book in a day if I tried.

My short term memory is not the same as pre-stroke either. Recall could take longer, or I might not be able to recall at all. Thankfully, this seems slightly better now.

In the future, I still hope to learn more about real estate investing, solar energy setup, and more that I can not recall now…lol.

Day 6 Of Thankful November


I sure have NOT been busy lately. My mind has been working overtime, by body not so much.

Today, I am thankful for “quotes”. The little snippets or nuggets of wisdom that make me say aha, motivate, make me reflect, and make me appreciate my world. I get a quote a day in my email inbox. There are usually a few shared everyday on facebook as well. I have not a single one memorized!

The one I am sharing today, I found on facebook. It was my motivation to get out of bed today at noon. In my defense I was awake all night until around 5:30 AM. My mind was too busy. I also had a few not so good physical feelings in my head. I don’t think I had any caffeine except a cup of hot chocolate much earlier. I had tons of water. The only thing I am not doing right is exercising more and staying away from stress. The only stress I have right now is my teenage son, so unavoidable.

Todays quote:

“It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” -Marianne Williamson

Day 5 I Am Thankful For My Parents


This pic was just over a year after my stroke. I am the gawky one sitting down. My sister and my mom, both were a great help during my early recovery. I cringe when I see how crooked I look. My hair was pixie short because I wanted to not have one more thing I had to worry about taking care of with one hand.

I believe everyone should be thankful for their parents. I was fortunate to have parents that stayed together. My dad passed in 2006. He left many impressions and good memories I will have forever. My mother is still with us, and for over a year was my caretaker after stroke. I was very moody, angry, PBA to the max (Pseudobulbar affect for those that don’t know, you can research it). My mom, who considers herself elderly, survived my criticizing her driving, my mood swings, my freaking out and more as she has all my life.

I am grateful I have never had to wish for different parents or circumstances while growing up. My parents were always there for me.