Positive Affirmations Day 2


She loves cameras….lol, she moves too fast.

Today I am enjoying my sore muscles. They are letting me know I did something to get stronger. I have to keep reminding myself to breath deeper, expand my lungs.Breath in the good, breath out the bad (negative thoughts). I did something different last night, I joined in on a blab.im live chat. Blab is still in beta mode, but I have been on it twice now. I did not put myself on screen just interactive bystander. I am also playing online poker again. I don’t use real money. It may seem like unproductive time except I also talk to some of my poker buddies and gain new buddies. I also have my second granddaughter on my mind. She is due tomorrow! Tomorrow is only a day away! Whenever she is born, I hope it is safe and easy for mom and her.

The simplest affirmations are some of my favorite. Like from the book and movie, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”  -Aibileen Clark

You is kind….always be kind…..You is smart….smart enough to read my blog…lol….you is important…we are all mere specks of the same matter as the rest of the universe, but we are needed to make the universe complete.