5th Day of Positive Affirmations


Today I will ask the Universe for what I want, and expect to receive it. It might seem futile, but if you don’t ask the answer is always no.

I am deserving of good things to happen to me, I welcome all good things I have and will continue to have in the future. I have my health. I am not at my 100% best, but I am not dead or lying suffering in pain. I consider myself lucky to have my three strokes in the past. They are my constant reminder to take care of myself. I am trying to think more positively, and stay clear of negative people if possible. My former self was too negative, it did not serve me well.

I went out to see a band last night, after going to the auction. They were very LOUD, my ears are still ringing. I had a few laughs both at the auction and at the bar. I am going out again tonight. I am hoping the music tonight is more danceable and just a tad quieter.

I bought a 4 drawer nightstand at the auction last night for $2. This is another project that hopefully spurs me to do the other millions of unfinished projects. I also bought a solid oak chair. I plan on getting rid of my sofa and turning my living room into a dining/game room. I have been planning this since summer. After living in this small house, I have come to the conclusion I don’t want a tiny house. I need space for pets, projects, and peace.