Day 6 Positive Affirmations


More pie pics from Thanksgiving….I love pie!

Today’s affirmation from twitter….”Treat Yourself & Others with Kindness When U Eat, Exercise, Play, Work, Love & Everything Else” ~Wayne Dyer….remember we all deserve kindness and love, accept it and give it.

I am copying this from my facebook group…I did not ask to share it yet, so it might disappear in the future if she does not want me to share…but I love this idea to strive for each day.

Today I’m grateful for living up each and every day. There are many reasons that can keep us sad and depressed when we listen to the news, to the problems that surround us, and all the fears we hold inside. We can either get into the whirlwind of all of that without really having much impact in changing it, or we can step out and find a personal recipe for happiness and living life to the fullest. My recipe has only 3 ingredients: every morning commit to do one act of kindness, during the day learn one new thing to enrich my life, and in the evening find one thing that was good about the day and be grateful for it…. I wish that you too find something that will help you live a life of joy and happiness… ~~ Angie Neik

There is so much I love about this, having a personal recipe….positive, positive, positive…and simple.

I went out again last night…second night in a row. My muscles ache from dancing, but that is a good thing. I also am proud of myself I talked one hard working women to take a break and go out as well. I also stopped in to see an old friend and ended up talking Ebay shop and religious philosophy…lol.