Surprise, I Have a Grandson!


They were told from two sonograms it was going to be a girl. The shower was girl themed. My son started filling out the baby book with the girl name they had picked out. When my son called he told me I had a grandson, I thought he was joking. I was laughing, but I am just happy he is healthy and mom is doing ok too.

I went to see him yesterday, because my son has appointments today and tomorrow. It is a two hour drive one way. I am a very tired grandma. I had fatigue bad today, but I pushed through. I had to walk up stairs at my son’s appointment because the elevator was broken. I managed to flip my mattress over, put medicine in my dogs ears, and list a few things on Ebay. It took all my strength. I have to do more listing tomorrow, I need a lot more sales. I have to figure out health insurance disasters too. I am glad I had milk for my son to eat cereal for dinner. I will probably not cook tomorrow either.

So days 9 and 10 of my daily positive affirmations are over.  I am positively wiped out…lol. Day 9 affirmation, “I love being grandma”. Day 10 affirmation, “Just do it”.

I will try to start up the daily affirmations tomorrow morning.



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