Day 16 of Positive Affirmations


A gingerbread from Christmas past…because I have yet to put up my own decorations.

I went to the free concert last night. The music was ok. My friends were super annoying, talking throughout. I hope I remember how rude they are before I agree to go to the next event with them.

Positive Affirmations for today from Twitter:
I transform regrets and resentment into positive forces for change in my life.

In life the only constant is change-I will work towards positive change ALWAYS!

I have a lot of work to do. I had a bad night of thinking it was my last. My head felt dead. I had those weird stroke like symptoms as well. I then had charlie horses when I woke up. So I need a little humor and a whole lot of energy to make it through this morning. I need to go to the social services office. I am then going to just work on my Ebay for the rest of the day, when I am not resting.

A quote that made me think of something kind of funny. “Everything you lose gives you a little more space for something new.”- Ashleigh Brilliant

All the pounds I have lost made space for me to gain new pounds….wah, wah. I have other things I am concentrating on gaining.

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