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School artwork done by my son, many years ago. I have not taken any new pics in awhile.

I went away for the weekend. Had a Christmas celebration with my Mom, sister and niece. My sister likes to shop and give out gifts. My mom likes to cook big dinners. We had some laughs and my sister used her nice unbroken camera to take pics. I hope to see these pics someday, sometimes it takes years to even see them.

Sorry I did not post after getting back home. I have had one of the worst headaches ever in my life. I am not sure if it is the worst, because I only feel it on half my head. I should probably go to the ER or doctor if it keeps on. It seems to be getting better by feeling less intense.

Today’s affirmation:

“I see only goodness and happiness in life.”

This is easy to do this time of year. I have been watching clips from Ellen, YouTube, and reading the posts on the facebook group assist, which is an open group if you want to check it out.          This is a public group was started by a fellow stroke survivor, to share good “positive” things of people helping other people. This is his description ;  “Not Isis, Assist! I want to build am army of love who perform random acts of heroism and post it here for the world to see because we need to showcase that there is much more love than hate. Let’s go viral!”  Feel free to join, its public, to just view or share positive things you see going on.

I also will be binge watching some comedy on Netflix. I hope to feel a lot better before my son’s 16th birthday on the 26th. He is waiting until then to go see Star Wars. We then will be going down to stay with my son and new grandson a few days. I hope this unseasonably warm weather holds on a while longer. I had to drive an hour or so in a lake effect snow storm to go up north to my Mom’s. Here we have no snow on the ground, and my mom only had an inch or two. Where my dog decided she needed to go out to pee had about a foot.