Day 23 of Positive Affirmations

Look at this NASA site for beautiful pictures of our universe.

I am feeling a little bit better today, but still taking it easy.

Happy Festivus for the Rest Of Us!!! It is also known as Christmas Eve Eve…..Do you celebrate festivus? comment below if you do

Time for the airing of grievances: I have none today, why? because I no longer give a crap about things that take away my good mojo.

This is the affirmation that I found on Twitter:

“I am calm and centered. I feel totally at peace with myself and everyone else”

If you are not calm and centered, look at the NASA tumbler pictures, we are all made out of this same stuff. If that does not work, air your grievances below. I am not doing feats of strength, the stroke won on that one.

2 thoughts on “Day 23 of Positive Affirmations

  1. Yes, we celebrate Festivus. Our daughter and her husband throw a party. They have a Festivus pole, but hold the celebration on a convenient day, usually not Christmas Eve Eve. Last Saturday, this year. We left before the airing of grievances, but I told a friend of theirs what mine was, to stand in for us when the time came: “My damn knee.”

    • I am so happy to hear that people are celebrating Festivus!. I of course really have many grievances, but I am learning to be positive, so thought it best not to air them…lol.

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