Where Have I Been For Nine Days?


I have been around. Somewhere between the funk of dealing with a teenage dropout and elation of a relationship that has not soured yet. The weather has been above freezing, so I took my dog for a ride for a few not too bad days.

The blogging 101 class has ended. I feel like a dropout of sorts myself. I burned out reading all the blogs of my classmates. Comparing mine to theirs was like comparing a crumpled brown paper bag to smooth and sleek luxurious gilded wrap. Mine was the paper bag, even if I smooth a few wrinkles, it shows the flaws.


My 800th Post


I deserve a Chihuly chandelier, but keep me away from it, fragile glass and I do not mix.

I want to keep this post totally about me, taking a break from Blogging 101. I went to the casino that is about one mile from my home for the first time last night. I had a date with the guy I met on plenty of fish just over a week ago. This was our fourth date. Neither one of us gamble, neither one of us stepped a foot inside before despite driving by it many times. We ate at a restaurant and left.

I plan on going back as often as I can just to walk around, it is so big and out of the weather. There is plenty of lounge chairs for me to sit in if my legs hurt of if I get too wobbly. There is a covered parking garage that is free to park! Thank you Native Americans. I need to get into walking shape in just over 40 days I am doing the American Heart Association 3 mile Walk. This walk I did last year, but I barely made it. If I can get out of the driveway with my car, I hope to spend at least 1/2 hour walking around. I really do not gamble, not much anyway. I plan on getting my players club card. I will take advantage if they have any free play. I will also wear it on a lanyard so I look like I belong there. I also will support them on occasion by buying a treat at the snack bar. I am not a total freeloader.

I did not have anything special planned for my 800th post. I just wanted to mark the occasion. I don’t think I have ever kept track of 800 anything. I technically did not keep track of my posts, WordPress did. Thank you WordPress for the free platform.

Review of the movie, Anomalisa

I am writing this review, after thinking of joining the blogging community of Movie Addicts Union. Take a look what is happening there;


I  watched this movie this past weekend. It was different being it was the first stop action film I have seen that was for an adult audience. There were a couple of funny laugh out loud moments. I thought there were many more moments of just plain drudgery. The main character seemed depressed, and not the kind of person qualified to give self help speeches. That was his profession. He has an one night stand with a woman, Lisa , the only one he sees as different from the rest (the anomaly). Lisa then becomes the same as all the others and he returns to his depressing home where he has no control.

According to Wikipedia this was nominated for awards. I think it leans more towards the forgettable type of movie. I can see it becoming a cult classic though. Is my  Review as drab as the movie?  I think if you are curious to form your own opinion, and you have extra free time see it once and let me know what you think.

Here is a youtube video of the Anomalisa movie Trailer:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT6QJaS2a-U

My Post From A Prompt


I spend so much time deep in thought…..I get behind on my tasks. My blogging 101 is no exception. A few days ago we were asked to write from a prompt, one that spoke to us. I chose after scanning a few dozen:

A Bird, a Plane, You!
You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:
the ability to speak and understand any language
the ability to travel through time
the ability to make any two people agree with each other

This spoke to me, since finding a superpower is something I have been talking about lately. Of the three choices given, I pick the ability to make any two people agree with each other. The reason I chose this was to get two of the most aggressive war mongering powerheads to come to an agreement, to stop war. Even for a moment, I would hope that I could make someone realize that killing and hate is not the best use of their time. War just perpetuates more war, more hate….ain’t no mortals have time for that. Come on, take off your khakis. slip into some comfy soft jammies and relax with a cool drink and maybe a toke of the peacepipe. Throw on some music, grab a partner and dance. Sway softly, smell the roses, and take a deep breath. Look up in the sky, watch the stars twinkle, make the decision to let everyone have a good day from now on. I could write hundreds of more useful and pleasurable things to do, I am sure you could too. Why would anyone choose war?

Pic From Three Years Ago, Some Things Have Changed

going to shambles


Another thing I found in my drafts from 3 years ago. I can not remember where this was or if I already published it. Well most people would see this as in shambles, just like they only see me as a stroke victim. I no longer feel the need to punch people that say “oh I am so sorry”. Maybe the only reason is because it is not said as often. It might be that I now have found better uses of my time.

The First Significant Snowfall of Winter

IMG_20160113_101056I happened to drive in it both day and night.  I went to visit my new boyfriend…yes we jumped into full relationship mode. I am in the right mind to be reckless. Time is passing by exponentially for me.

I have always spent a lot of time dreaming, instead of doing. This year, I want to incorporate more doing. I will still be day dreaming.

❝Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.❞

—Edgar Allan Poe

So far this year, I have let go of my past relationships, jumped into a new one, pushed my son to be more responsible for himself, signed up for the heart/stroke 3 mile walk, and I think I have kept my stress to a minimum.

Days of My Life…As My World Turns

Just keeping everyone up to date with my personal life. I met someone on plenty of fish and we are meeting later today for pizza. I am beyond psyched.

I had to spend half the day Friday getting my car tires and brakes fixed to pass inspection. I had to buy a new tire, New valve stem with sensor, and get new brake pads and fix the rotors. Yikes, I thought the most it would cost me would be $200, it was almost $400. Something has to give, and I am not going to let it be my fun. I do admit, I will be looking for those best things in life are free type things to do. I have my blogging class to keep me busy as well, with lots of reading, writing, and widget experiments.

My son’s dad called him. I think they connected on facebook as well. He told him he was sending him a check. I hope he does so my son does not feel totally let down. He has not paid child support for over a year.

I hope I make a good first impression. He knows I had a stroke and have some problems. I hope my worst problems stay home. Brain do not fail me now.

1-6-16 Day Four: Identify Your Audience


Mockup sketch of my letterboxing stamp. My trail name is igneousidol of course. That has been my email name for a long  time. Igneous being my favorite type of rock. I love rocks, hence idol….because rock lover sounds like a music groupie….I would not mind for that to come true either. The picture represents some of my favorite things. I like circles, stars, elephants, and peace. I am not a child, just a simple adult…lol. I wanted a pit bull dog image too…but I am not that kind of artist.

Something totally different for me, since I never heard of Letterboxing until last year. I still did not have a clear understanding of what it is until last week. Basically, you hunt in public parks or ground from clues given online until you find the stash of Letterbox containing the placers stamp and journal. You bring your own journal and stamp with you. You stamp yours into theirs and then take their stamp to mark your journal. Then you hide the stash back where you found it.

Here are two websites you can go to letterboxing.org and atlasquest.com to find out more.  This is still very new to me too. I can not wait to carve my stamp and get a journal and inkpad. I think I will start at the dollar store.

I am too tired to write in detail of what I did today. Briefly my son did not go to school again. I went to trivia night. I have two guys writing to me on POF. I did more laundry. I ate shells, spinach, and ricotta for dinner. My camera is still not working. Sorry that is why I had to post a crappy pic again, taken with my cell phone in bad lighting.


I read until my eyes bled

I have completed my assignment for blogging 101, tis the 3rd day. I added 5 new tags to my reader search, I then subscribed to 5 blogs I found because of my tags. I actually subscribed to 6, plus the millions of bloggers from my class I subscribed to. The ones I added from reader all came from my tag search of boondocking. I did a whole lot of reading today. I can not get enough of how people are already doing what I want to be doing.

I also popped onto plenty of fish and read a few profiles. There is actually a guy that listed he likes rocks….I wanted to tell him my email address was igneousidol to show how much I love rocks too. I held back, because I am trying to be non-aggressive and let the guys make the first move. Too bad the only ones that did today, just said hello and were ugly smokers. That is two strikes against them. They did not read my profile, and I can’t be around smokers.

I also took Ashley for a ride in the car today. It is her gotcha day. It was too cold to walk with her in the woods. I did drive by a new spot I want to check out on a nicer day. I also took two loads of wet laundry to the laundry mat to dry. My small house gets smaller when every doorway has clothes hanging up to dry.

I signed up to go to trivia night tomorrow. I hope I make it  I am supposed to go to a meetup on Friday too. I hope we have the weekend off from blogging U.