Happy New Year 2016!


Another old, bad blurry pic.

My legs are sore from dancing. That is a good, positive thing. It means I did not stay home and hide out. I went out, I danced badly but happy to be alive and able to stand upright. Several people told me to smile, which I basically tried to ignore. They have no idea how happy I was on the inside.

While I was pulling into the parking lot, I almost drove straight into the ditch by miscalculating which side of the marker the entrance was on. I was scared for a second, then very glad I avoided that mistake. People stay home on New Years Eve for many reasons. In the future, the only reason I will stay home is to host my own party. I hope to go out as many times as I can this year to dance and have fun.

As I was getting my son pizza before I left, the guy at the pizza shop commented on how my son was so quiet when he came in. He said he always tried to get him to say hello at least. I talked to my son about this when I got home. I hope he does not grow up as shy and socially inept as me.