“who I am and why I’m here”

My first assignment for blogging 101,  I am hopefully going to learn how to do this best finally.

First of all I am here in blogland to share my story of recovering from a stroke. I had three strokes by the time I was 47. The last one left me paralyzed and numb on one side, and a whole lot of messed up cognition issues that screw with a “normal” life but are not measured or even of interest to doctors (none that I have seen). I don’t want to be known solely as a pitiful disabled person that sometimes wets her pants. My mind still has clarity of many things, I still yearn to live the life I want and believe I was made for.

I have been a single parent on and off for almost 8 years. I am still searching for my soulmate. I share tales of my life as a grandmother, mother to a depressed teen, struggles of living on social security, my quest to be in tune with the Universe, my selling of vintage items, my attempts at humor and poetry, my gardening with one hand, cooking and baking low sodium foods, and more everyday life.

I signed up for blogging101 because I felt the need to take my blog up several notches. I need new ideas, constant reminders to keep it positive, and most of all I need technical help in inserting (that’s what she said…lol) and linking. Until I started blogging, all my writing was old school pen and paper with scribbled notes in the margins, scratched out lines, circled words and renumbering paragraphs. After all the physical effort the paper ended up in the trash or recycled, because they were either for a class I took or letters to former one sided loves. My thoughts stored perpetually in cyberspace might be the only legacy of mine that live on beyond my time on earth.

I went out again!


I went to play pool, instead of dancing. I had a good time, then we went out to eat afterwards. I am sure I will be swelling up from the overabundance of sodium. I will stay home and detox for a few days. I need to rest up too.

I met a woman that had a stroke and did not know it for 8 years. We swapped stories of how we could not read and other deficits. She does not have any physical deficits except for balance issues and her foot turning in. I told her there was another stroke survivor in our group as well. I also listened to a women talk about going to school to be a life coach. She told part of her story of her low point in life and why she wanted to be a life coach.

In all there were 13 – 18 single people over 40 that came out to either eat or play pool. Driving home I thought about why so many people are still single. It is a great group, a good way not to stay home alone.