I went out again!


I went to play pool, instead of dancing. I had a good time, then we went out to eat afterwards. I am sure I will be swelling up from the overabundance of sodium. I will stay home and detox for a few days. I need to rest up too.

I met a woman that had a stroke and did not know it for 8 years. We swapped stories of how we could not read and other deficits. She does not have any physical deficits except for balance issues and her foot turning in. I told her there was another stroke survivor in our group as well. I also listened to a women talk about going to school to be a life coach. She told part of her story of her low point in life and why she wanted to be a life coach.

In all there were 13 – 18 single people over 40 that came out to either eat or play pool. Driving home I thought about why so many people are still single. It is a great group, a good way not to stay home alone.

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