Pic From Three Years Ago, Some Things Have Changed

going to shambles


Another thing I found in my drafts from 3 years ago. I can not remember where this was or if I already published it. Well most people would see this as in shambles, just like they only see me as a stroke victim. I no longer feel the need to punch people that say “oh I am so sorry”. Maybe the only reason is because it is not said as often. It might be that I now have found better uses of my time.

9 thoughts on “Pic From Three Years Ago, Some Things Have Changed

  1. What is the photo?
    It looks as though there are power lines going past it, is it a wall in the fence, there doesn’t seem to be a building behind it. It’s a strange photo, you have left us guessing.
    As a stroke victim, I hope it isn’t holding you back from enjoying life. All the best.

    • I can’t remember where I took this photo, I dropped it into my WordPress drafts 3 years ago….I will go into my iPhoto tomorrow and look at the surrounding pictures until I remember what it is.

  2. The Photo Prompt is a good idea….but since I already looked up this photo today, I feel compelled to answer what it is. It is at the site of the former OWD (Oval Wood Dish) plant in Tupper Lake, NY. There are several buildings on site. Manufacturing has stopped many years ago, they only use a few of the buildings for storage and a charity store. This is out back and serves no purpose.

  3. I wonder as I look at this picture where it showed up for you in relation to when you had the stroke. It seems to me that it would provide a great encouragement to look at how the physical impact of the stroke had set you on a path that could lead to a shamble, how it had caused a shamble of part of your body, how we must fall into a shamble as we revision our life after a major event that moves our world. I like the picture in that it serves as a reflection, an allegory bringing the complex into a simpler context….
    Enjoying reading your posts.

    • I found this the year following my stroke. I was “stuck” living with my mother until I regained independence. I walked with a limp, had to use a cane, and my left arm was useless at this time. Getting in my car and taking pictures out the car window is what I did for a hobby. To occupy my mind and find ways to be creative, I like to capture things that were once splendid and now in ruins. Thank you so much for commenting and opening my eyes that maybe I was comparing myself to the building.

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