Where Have I Been For Nine Days?


I have been around. Somewhere between the funk of dealing with a teenage dropout and elation of a relationship that has not soured yet. The weather has been above freezing, so I took my dog for a ride for a few not too bad days.

The blogging 101 class has ended. I feel like a dropout of sorts myself. I burned out reading all the blogs of my classmates. Comparing mine to theirs was like comparing a crumpled brown paper bag to smooth and sleek luxurious gilded wrap. Mine was the paper bag, even if I smooth a few wrinkles, it shows the flaws.


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been For Nine Days?

  1. There is a lot to be said for brown paper bag. Nothing in the world can compare to a brown paper bag when it comes to bringing a glassy finish to a newly maid piece of fine furniture. Let’s hear to for brown paper bags! Rah, Rah, Rah.

  2. I hear your Rah Rahs Poor Robert can you hear mine?
    I think we all have that feeling that we could have done better, it’s best not to compare yours with ours as we all have different styles of writing.
    Looking forward to seeing your next post.
    Happy days writing.

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