All My Kids Were Together


It is highly unusual for me to see my three kids and two grandkids all at the same time. It happened yesterday. My daughter and granddaughter were visiting my son, daughter in law, and grandson. I brought my teenage son down for the afternoon and evening. After a late lunch and kids naptime, we went outside to enjoy a fire and fresh air. My son made some really long sticks to roast marsh mallows…lol. Just my boyfriend and son in law were missing, but we will all be together in a few weeks for my son’s wedding.

It was tiring, I drove about two hours each way. I left my dog home because she does not like other dogs. My son’s puppy is still excitable, their tenant has a dog that does not like dogs either….but maybe someday they will all get along. So we had to drive back the same day. I am trying to catch up on housework and gardening today. It never gets caught up….right now I am so tired and I have not been outside yet to water the garden or weedwhack.

I put some pictures on facebook, and spelled my grandsons name wrong….stupid stroke brain…no one said anything, but I caught it myself and edited it.

This Is What Life Should Look Like


Free of drama and stress. This was my first time ever in a kayak. Over five years post stroke. It is my goal to do this by myself someday. My awesome boyfriend helped me in and out and did most of the paddling….it’s his tandem kayak he bought so we could be together.

The beginning of Memorial Day Weekend we spent peacefully on the maiden voyage (both mine and the kayaks). We started at a reservoir, then went down a creek as far as the fallen trees and stream depth allowed. In this picture we had stopped in the shade for a snack and to cool off in the clear water. We saw minnows, a shrew swim across the stream(or other rodent), geese, ducks, a kingfisher and other birds, dragonflies, carp, and many small turtles.

Yesterday, I slept in….I guess all the new adventures fatigued my brain. I took it easy even though none of my muscles hurt. It was still too warm to exert. I was glad Mother Nature watered my garden for me. She does a better job than me. Today I get to see my two grandchildren together for the first time. I have seen each separately at different times, and they have been together once before, but I was not there.

Happy Birthday To My Sweetie!


I suck at gift giving. The thought process antagonizes me….Special occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas….no gift seems exactly the right fit at the right time…barring those things out of my budget. What do you get someone that has everything? My mother I get lottery tickets, she does not normally buy them herself…but for a few seconds she has hope…and I have disappointment it is not the indoor pool with servants and waitstaff she hoped for….lol.

Today is my love’s milestone birthday….60 years young! He is healthy and he has me for a girlfriend….what else could he ever need or want? ┬áSince I have not been back to work since my stroke, I get to relive some of the unpleasantness of working for someone else through his tales. My wish for him is a windfall of cash so he doesn’t have to put up with corporate politics and other b.s…..instead I bought him a book off of his Amazon wish list….it will be delivered later this month.

I Started My Garden Yesterday


This is not a pic of my garden, ha ha, my yard is still a mess….I only did about 1/4 of what needs to be done. I planted three buckets of peas. I prepared three more buckets for planting kale, spinach, and lettuce. I transplanted Sedum into a raised bed. I moved a bunch of pots from the front of my house to near the garden. I did some weeding and weedwhacking, I picked up fallen branches, sticks, and pinecones. I still have more of all of this to do….I am sore, out of shape, and strained my good hand, plus broke my chair I use to garden. I got out a couple of my garden gnomes.

Yesterday I also had my son do some practice driving. He went on a major road for the first time. He needs a lot more practice….but I think he will be more receptive to the idea that he needs to grow up and learn life skills.

My Chunky Happy Handsome Grandson

2016-4-06 Diana's photos 009

This pic is a few weeks old. When I saw him a week or so later, he was heavier! He smiles and laughs when you talk to him. His parents are getting married next month….so I will post an updated picture then.

My daughter sent me a Mother’s Day card that my granddaughter had signed and embellished with her artwork. I can imagine her saying, “let me do it”, since my last visit that was her independent spirit.

I wish they both lived closer, and that both my arms would work to pick them up and hug them.

The Grey Brown Dull of Winter

2016-4-06 Diana's photos 002

I am glad the long NY State winter is over….it was mild this year, but it was still too long. I long for a greenhouse. I long for an escape van to venture out for warmer, more colorful scenery. This pic is a few weeks old. Everything is greening up and leafing out. I don’t want to get away until it turns back to dull. The dandelions seem taller and brighter this year. The green seems greener. I want to spend more time outside.

Did Anyone Miss Me?

I have been busy….I have had computer problems….I still have memory problems, I put some pictures on a cloud…and now I can’t remember the name of the cloud site…I most likely lost all my pictures on my old computer…I do have the SD cards, so some photos should be saved.

It is that time of year again…all my neighbors already mowed their lawns twice…I still need to buy a mower…and I am out of ink for my printer…I am tired of shopping.