I Started My Garden Yesterday


This is not a pic of my garden, ha ha, my yard is still a mess….I only did about 1/4 of what needs to be done. I planted three buckets of peas. I prepared three more buckets for planting kale, spinach, and lettuce. I transplanted Sedum into a raised bed. I moved a bunch of pots from the front of my house to near the garden. I did some weeding and weedwhacking, I picked up fallen branches, sticks, and pinecones. I still have more of all of this to do….I am sore, out of shape, and strained my good hand, plus broke my chair I use to garden. I got out a couple of my garden gnomes.

Yesterday I also had my son do some practice driving. He went on a major road for the first time. He needs a lot more practice….but I think he will be more receptive to the idea that he needs to grow up and learn life skills.

One thought on “I Started My Garden Yesterday

  1. I enjoyed teaching my sons to drive. – I also taught a couple other kids so they could get their driver’s license. Great age. Your garden is keeping you busy! There is nothing like quiet time in the dirt.

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