Happy Birthday To My Sweetie!


I suck at gift giving. The thought process antagonizes me….Special occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas….no gift seems exactly the right fit at the right time…barring those things out of my budget. What do you get someone that has everything? My mother I get lottery tickets, she does not normally buy them herself…but for a few seconds she has hope…and I have disappointment it is not the indoor pool with servants and waitstaff she hoped for….lol.

Today is my love’s milestone birthday….60 years young! He is healthy and he has me for a girlfriend….what else could he ever need or want? ┬áSince I have not been back to work since my stroke, I get to relive some of the unpleasantness of working for someone else through his tales. My wish for him is a windfall of cash so he doesn’t have to put up with corporate politics and other b.s…..instead I bought him a book off of his Amazon wish list….it will be delivered later this month.