This Is What Life Should Look Like


Free of drama and stress. This was my first time ever in a kayak. Over five years post stroke. It is my goal to do this by myself someday. My awesome boyfriend helped me in and out and did most of the paddling….it’s his tandem kayak he bought so we could be together.

The beginning of Memorial Day Weekend we spent peacefully on the maiden voyage (both mine and the kayaks). We started at a reservoir, then went down a creek as far as the fallen trees and stream depth allowed. In this picture we had stopped in the shade for a snack and to cool off in the clear water. We saw minnows, a shrew swim across the stream(or other rodent), geese, ducks, a kingfisher and other birds, dragonflies, carp, and many small turtles.

Yesterday, I slept in….I guess all the new adventures fatigued my brain. I took it easy even though none of my muscles hurt. It was still too warm to exert. I was glad Mother Nature watered my garden for me. She does a better job than me. Today I get to see my two grandchildren together for the first time. I have seen each separately at different times, and they have been together once before, but I was not there.