All My Kids Were Together


It is highly unusual for me to see my three kids and two grandkids all at the same time. It happened yesterday. My daughter and granddaughter were visiting my son, daughter in law, and grandson. I brought my teenage son down for the afternoon and evening. After a late lunch and kids naptime, we went outside to enjoy a fire and fresh air. My son made some really long sticks to roast marsh mallows…lol. Just my boyfriend and son in law were missing, but we will all be together in a few weeks for my son’s wedding.

It was tiring, I drove about two hours each way. I left my dog home because she does not like other dogs. My son’s puppy is still excitable, their tenant has a dog that does not like dogs either….but maybe someday they will all get along. So we had to drive back the same day. I am trying to catch up on housework and gardening today. It never gets caught up….right now I am so tired and I have not been outside yet to water the garden or weedwhack.

I put some pictures on facebook, and spelled my grandsons name wrong….stupid stroke brain…no one said anything, but I caught it myself and edited it.