Perennial Garden Update


I have lots of Iris blooms this year, for the first time since transplanting. I took a shovel full from my Mom’s house. They were in a planter for a year, then in this perennial bed I threw together for two winters. I believe they are called Japanese Iris, they are smaller than normal Iris. My perennial geranium is in the background, that is blooming great this year too, and spreading some. I have lots of weeds and grasses trying to grow in this bed, but I am trying to keep it weeded. I had tulip blooms earlier, Sedum plants are growing, and the Rudbeckia is growing back too. I let my son take some of my Rudbeckia for his place last year.

I have planted a few of each of the seeds my boyfriend gave me as a gift. So far, only the moonflowers are growing well. You can see the tall grass in the background. I struggle to make my teenage son mow the lawn. It has been raining, so obviously he can’t mow when it’s soaking wet. He mowed just the front yard, now I will have to wake him up to do the rest before it gets dark. Tomorrow we leave to camp in a cabin for the weekend for my oldest son’s wedding. It will be an adventure and a lot of fun, work, and worry too. I am only worried about my dog in the campground around other dogs. I also am a little worried about leaving the cat home alone for two nights and three days.

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