My Son Was Married Last Weekend


I only have a couple of crappy cell phone pictures. My boyfriend and sister took pictures so I will share some of theirs soon.

They were married in a NY State Park. Robert Treman. My boyfriend has a photography site on facebook, you can see better pictures of the park there:

My son and grandson wore kilts, it was hot out, he also wore a plaid sash, stockings, purse? pin, all kinds of Scottish regalia…my younger son wore a black suit, white shirt, black tie, fedora, sunglasses, and matching plaid sash, he wore his long dark hair in a braid and wore his work boots, my son in law wore his suit jacket, slacks, and gangster shoes. My daughter and granddaughter were in the wedding too, so all were dressed up and together at the same time.

I was a hot mess. Literally it was 90 degrees out. We were camping. I only found ice cold showers before the wedding. I braved it long enough to wash my armpits and kind of splash water everywhere else. We then had to walk back to the cabin to get dressed, so by then I was starting to sweat again. I managed a bit of makeup, but did not have time to put on my mascara. We drove down to the pavilion where the wedding was taking place and really felt the heat in the sun. I sat near the back rows to be in the shade, since my mother wanted to sit there. It was a short ceremony. I then sat inside since it felt cooler in there, and was thankful for the breeze. It was still warm. I have not drank any alcoholic beverages since the new migraine med I just started. I am getting an MRI this week and did not want any complications to interfere.

It was my first time camping since my daughter was in girl scouts. I learned many things about the next time I attempt camping. Number one is to bring more cushioning. Number two is to not rely on public showers. We found the warm camp showers we parked in front of later, but they were not pristine. Even though I used the handicapped shower stall because it was bigger and I needed to sit to put my shower shoes on, there was no where dry to sit and get dressed. I got mostly dressed standing up, I got my shirt and underwear on. I could not get my pants and shoes on without sitting down. It was hard trying to put my pants on without letting them touch the gross floor.