Lily O Lily


My cell phone pictures suck, this was much more awesome in real life.

I survived another kayaking adventure. It was a few weeks ago. I have not  been able to get my pictures from my phone to my computer until now.

I attempted to get out of the kayak all on my own. That was a very stupid decision. To make a long story short, I ended up with my legs wedged into the front of the boat. I then became paralyzed from laughing, embarrassment, fear of not getting unstuck (ha ha), and I really hate feeling weak and helpless.  After I recovered enough to skooch myself back into sitting in the seat, I discovered the best way for me to get out is to have John steady the boat while I try to stand up and step out on my own. Maybe next time I will be a pro about it.

So I donated a carload of stuff to a charity garage sale. I spent most of Friday helping out as cashier at the sale. It reminded me of why I hated garage sales….they are so not worth all the work. This one for charity did make a profit, since there were many people who donated….I even collected some things from my boyfriend. People were also just stopping by to donate cash to our cause or stopped by the sale since it was on a busy road.

Saturday night I went to listen to some live music at the NY Blues Fest in Syracuse, NY. We got rained on, followed by a rainbow and more pleasant weather.

Sunday I went to my nieces baby shower. I sat at the table with empty chairs and one other person. (whom I did not know) I would guess the empty chairs should have been filled by my relatives. I did get to chat with my niece as she made her rounds and stopped at our table. I also talked to her mother for a few moments.