Link To My Ebay Store…if it works

I have been gone so long from WordPress, I feel like I need the 101 class again…..I have a new camera. I dropped my other one, too many times, it stopped working.  I will have new and exciting pictures soon…I hope.  I also am trying to step up the Ebay listings to 250…so far I have 44. If this works, here is the link:   sign up to follow my ebay store

2 thoughts on “Link To My Ebay Store…if it works

  1. I am now up to 80 items and adding more weekly…15% of my sales goes to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee….I would like to increase this percentage as my sales increase…I do need enough to pay the fees and supplies though, that is why it is only 15% now…I also like to contribute to my local animal rescues, planned parenthood, ACLU, and this month I will contribute to Sierra Club after payday.

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