Signs Of Life Among The Dead

2017-04-23 17.12.46

I think this is a redbud tree, or some other flowering tree just starting to spring to life. I took a walk around part of the Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse last weekend to get some exercise. It is huge, and has many hills. I tried to hike up one hill and slipped in the muddy road…I caught myself several times on the grassy bank next to me. I kept going up, instead of turning around and attempting a different route. It was not my smartest move. I ended up climbing over a downed tree’s branches so I could use those to steady myself to get to the next road. My boyfriend came to see if I needed help, I asked him to pick me up with the car further up the road. After he left, a concerned stranger came to see if I needed help. I should wear a sign, I must look like a crazy drunk person. It was hard to balance with my feet slipping in the mud, I have a hard enough time balancing to walk on a normal straight paved road. I am going to add hiking shoes to my list of must haves before I try that again.

I saw many awesome stone buildings, a pyramid shaped vault, and endless old gravestones and obelisks….there was also the sounds and sights of nature, squirrels, birds, bugs, and many interesting trees and plants. I will be posting a few more pics of there on here in the near future.

Slow Spring

2017-04-20 16.58.40

Either I am impatient or the trees are taking longer to green up. This pic was taken just a few days ago, while I was in the Adirondacks. There was still snow on the ground in some places!

After a few days visit with my Mom, children and two grandkids I came back to a phone call from my friend letting me know she moved back to this state/area. We went out (group of ladies) to dinner, then some of us went to karaoke. I am now back into my regular schedule.

Walk In The Woods

2017-04-17 16.37.22It looked pretty dead, lots of trees were down. The name of the state owned land was Stone Barn State Forest, so of course I wanted to find the stone barn. I made it over the first downed tree. Ashley made it over as well, her leash did not get caught up. I did not venture much further, in every direction was groups of trees, felled together, too high for me to climb over.

I looked this stone barn up online, I actually read about it before. I naturally forgot about it. I was glad I did actually see it  from the road while driving by. Here is a peek;

Easter for Atheists


Happy Easter….don’t try to bring any meaning into it. I am not religious, as interesting as all the stories are, I  believe in Science more.

I listed a few items on my Ebay store. My sweetie made some awesome barbeque and I just surfed the web to read all the good and bad going on in the world.