Until I Am Pushing Up Daisies….


I continue trodding along, I observe the daisies.  I make choices, not always the best ones for me. I waste time online, I eat too much sugar. I don’t walk every day.  I am filled with millions of instant regrets. Time slips by as I get older and fatter. I forget more and more. I am preoccupied with unproductive thoughts. My routines slip and become obsolete. I need to slap myself out of this.

My New Bike


So I bought the bike of my dreams and fell over after I first tried riding it. I fell to my left, which is my side affected by my last stroke. I was not quick enough to stop myself. I skinned up my elbow and left myself sore for days or more. It is still sitting locked up in my shed as I contemplate buying adult training wheels and gathering enough courage to try again. I am still sore. The weather has been horribly hot or raining.

I have plans to take it on local bike trails and eventually a trip from Maine to Florida. I am a dreamer, but that is what keeps me going every day. If my dreams are dead, so am I.