My New Bike


So I bought the bike of my dreams and fell over after I first tried riding it. I fell to my left, which is my side affected by my last stroke. I was not quick enough to stop myself. I skinned up my elbow and left myself sore for days or more. It is still sitting locked up in my shed as I contemplate buying adult training wheels and gathering enough courage to try again. I am still sore. The weather has been horribly hot or raining.

I have plans to take it on local bike trails and eventually a trip from Maine to Florida. I am a dreamer, but that is what keeps me going every day. If my dreams are dead, so am I.

3 thoughts on “My New Bike

  1. I found the best way to practice before actually using the pedals is to lower the seat enough so both feet can touch the ground. Then walk and roll the bike to get an idea of how to balance it as it slowly rolls along. I crashed on my affected side quite a few times before coming up with this. I don’t bike right now because it is too mentally challenging for me.

  2. Wow! Forget not having the quickness to ride a bike to react to a fall – I don’t have the courage.

    Nothing wrong w training wheels. People who know you will think it’s amazing you can do it – and those who don’t know you, who cares?

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