I would like to read ‘Fire and Fury’


Fire and Fury pretty much sums up how I feel inside since dumpster was elected president. He has rolled back environmental and personal protections. He has ignored urgent needs of many crises at the same time causing his own chaos by understaffing the white house. It is OUR White House and he will hopefully feel the full fire and fury of millions of people when we take it back.

I took this pic of the butterfly landing on a flower when I went with my boyfriend to Nashville for the Eclipse. He photographed the whole thing. He has some amazing photos which I will link in an upcoming post.

This year is 4 days in, and it has been below freezing each day. Much of the east coast is under travel advisories right now. I managed to get out this morning and get some errands done and a haircut.  It is not too much snow like when I lived a long time ago pre-stroke (and younger) up by Lake Ontario…it would snow feet at a time not inches. The cold does make it hard for me to walk…my muscles on my bad side involuntarily contract…and a little slip throws my already wonky balance off further.

With the bad weather and bad president I still feel hope with the buzz this book is bringing. I hope it speeds up his demise. Too many people are suffering because of him.